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Vol. 14 nº 1 - Jan/Mar - 2017

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Tuning in more carefully

Por una recepción más atenta

Por uma escuta mais atenta

Autores: Isabel Bouzas; Evelyn Eisenstein

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Puberty and all the changes sweeping through the bodies, minds and feelings of adolescents mark the most important biological moment in the human life cycle, after birth. Like a bud opening in a garden, at just the right moment its vivid petals unfurl to display their splendor, releasing its scent and displaying its beauty to absent-minded passers-by who often fail to notice its glory, hurrying by in their concern with so many other tasks.

Similarly, many adolescents come to doctors' offices, emergency rooms or outpatient clinics where they are seen by healthcare practitioners , pediatricians or gynecologists, but are not helped where they are most vulnerable in their development, due to hurried assessments of causes or etiologies of their suffering, driven by pressures to see the next person waiting in line. Practitioners might even ask: when did this all begin or what was the date of your last period? but they forget to ask: How are you feeling today? What is happening in your life? What are your worries about love or sexuality? What are your wishes and desires? What options or paths do you follow? Is this a good time to prescribe contraceptives and condoms?

When behaviors, attitudes and feelings bloom in such as weird and polluted world, often within shattered but still complex family structures, they become determining factors that demand more alert observation and more attentive listening, in the quest for answers on how to deal with difficulties that hamper vital growth impulses. As simple as flowers in the garden during a new spring, adolescents need more care and attention in order to continue to smile and bloom in all their vital beauty.

The Adolescência & Saúde journal takes this opportunity in yet another edition to present professional colleagues with papers on issues related to teen sexuality, among other topics, including abuse prevention and protection, establishing more humane communications between practitioners and their patients, and how to intervene in appointments and build up more effective dialogues with these youngsters and their families during this crucial growth phase, in order to ensure individual well-being that extends through into their adult lives.

Isabel Bouzas - Editor in Chief
Evelyn Eisenstein - Scientific Editor
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