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Vol. 15 nº 1 - Jan/Mar - 2018

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15 years of trajectory

15 años de trayectoria

15 anos de trajetória

Autores: Isabel Bouzas; Evelyn Eisenstein; Felipe Jannuzzi

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It is with great joy that, this year of 2018, we are celebrating 15 years of work of Adolescence & Health Magazine (Revista Adolescência & Saúde), official scientific journal of the Nucleus of Adolescent Health Studies of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (NESA / UERJ) . And here, once again, we highlight our proposal of responsibility and constancy to generate weighting, innovations, exchange experiences, perspectives, knowledge and know-how, highlighting new paths and building constructive processes of professional expansion on adolescent health issues /young.

We have established online transmission since 2010, with 653 published scientific articles. In order to have a conception of comprehensiveness and search for the health topic of the adolescent, in the period between 01/03/2010 and 01/31/2018, the website of Magazine A&S received a total of 3,679,712 accesses. Always crossing borders, in the last year, the website of Magazine A&S was accessed by professionals from 3,675 cities, in Brazil and abroad, covering more than 160 countries from six continents.

Strengthening the dialogue with the universities is a commitment of A&S, emphasizing the need to encourage and develop research that creates values for society, improving the quality of life of people. In this way, we believe that research needs to leave a legacy. An important step for innovation in care involving the health of young people and adolescents is to find areas of study that enable good science. We emphasize, therefore, the importance of the multidisciplinary aspect of research, always emphasized in our Magazine, which encompasses the vision and efforts of a group of specialists, in diverse areas, who work as a team in search of a common goal.

Developing better processes and better solutions for the area of youth and adolescent health is the mission of our newspaper. In this sense, the partnerships - intra and extra University, encompassing government and private bodies - throughout this 15 year trajectory were, and continue to be, fundamental. The establishment of partnerships is vital in building new conceptions and opening new opportunities for the development of projects that involve innovations and new technologies devoted to the area of youth and adolescents.

And here we continue, firm and strong, always in the commitment to prospect new opportunities, to strengthen the sharing and cooperation between the involved professionals, to encourage scientific research, to create new tools and to describe viable solutions and to propitiate a safe way, especially in times of crisis, such as the current ones.

The message that we want to spend, with commitment and enthusiasm, is the need to continually expand our vision, highlighting future perspectives, living innovation, and conducting joint research in the area of youth and adolescents' health, always strengthening old partnerships and establishing new ones. As an application and experience of these practices, benefits will be reverberate for the society.

We hope that our Magazine will always be a space of new conceptions, weights, explorations and questions about the era of great changes in which we live and the different paths that open for the future!

Isabel Bouzas - Chief Editor
Evelyn Eisenstein - Scientific editor
Felipe Jannuzzi - Executive Editor
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