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Vol. 15 nº 4 - Oct/Dec - 2018

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Strengthening links

Fortalecimiento de vínculos

Fortalecimento de vínculos

Autores: Isabel Bouzas; Evelyn Eisenstein; Felipe Jannuzzi

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We are nearing the end of another year of activities. Throughout editions we present a flow of articles, research and updates with sedimented reflections continuously with the commitment to live this priority: the health of the adolescents and youth people, what undoubtedly is to exercise full citizenship and dignity.

Before speaking or researching on any subject that involves adolescence, it is profoundly necessary to intuit, in the essence of each focus, the exact understanding of the adolescent himself, since he has rights. The Adolescência & Saúde Magazine endeavors to do with that this vision and perception will be increasingly as acute.

Who is the teenager? It is an individual in all their rights in an important phase of growth, development and mental ripeness, emotional and social. The adolescent is within that evolutionary process of the cycle of life, in a phase of transformations, the phase of puberty (weight gain, gain of muscle mass, sexual development). However, we can´t forget that, in parallel, there is also a whole brain, mental and emotional development. Puberty of phenomena are inserted in the cultural and environmental context, and at this stage of intense transformation the adolescents become a more vulnerable social group, including the influences of the media , contexts of their social environment and the pressure of their own adolescent groups.

There is, therefore, a whole biopsychosocial construction for which we must be fully aware. There is a broad intercommunication between cultures, generations, experiences, values, visions, emotions. Adolescence is a moment of resonance of previous generations in interface with experimentations and the current context of the adolescent. We can, for example, ask the adolescent about "How is this period of experiences of his adolescence" and, in addition, "How was the adolescence of his parents". By the way, the adolescent did not accompany the adolescence of his parents, but without a doubt he was influenced by issues related to their adolescence, concordant or confronting about certain values of this epoch.

During adolescence, a network of links with the surrounding environment is being created and strengthened and, in this process, professional orientation, the family nucleus and the nucleus of friends are extremely important. There are several groups in society that exert various influences, positive or negative, on the adolescent. Helping in the context of these readings is our mission.

The health of the adolescent is above all a physical, mental, emotional well-being , it is relaxing, feeling good, feeling welcomed, always building something better and healthier. It is prevention. It is citizenship. Is the perception and understanding of the links that form in adolescence and promote and transmit to their biopsychosocial construction.

By 2019, we have renewed our commitment to exploration new opportunities, strengthen exchange and cooperation among health professionals, education and communication, encourage scientific research, create new tools, think and provide opportunities for adolescents create and express in exercising its role youth. In addition, to describe viable solutions that propitiates safe actions, especially in times of political and economic crisis in our country. But adolescent crisis also means opportunities for growth and, therefore, we move forward, vowing growth for A & S magazine and for Brazil.

We thank you for another year of sharing links, interaction and exchanges, and we hope that this new edition will bring reflections and incentives to expand our awareness and persevere in the development of this vital work.

Good reading to all!

Isabel Bouzas - Chief Editor
Evelyn Eisenstein - Scientífic Editor
Felipe Jannuzzi - Executive Editor
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