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Vol. 16 nº 1 - Jan/Mar - 2019

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Commitments to adolescent health

Compromisos con la salud de los adolescentes

Compromissos com a saúde dos adolescentes

Autores: Evelyn Eisenstein

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Caring for the health of adolescents is much more than just diagnosing and medicating when they become ill and praying that they will get better soon and no longer worry about the family or health professionals who perform the consultations and consultations.

But to practice Adolescent Medicine is to extrapolate all that happens in day-to-day outpatient clinics, hospitals, emergencies and offices! We need commitments and professional dedication with the population of adolescents and young people. It is opt to always have a health bias, to prevent the problems that caused the disease, from how such damages could have been avoided through effective measures or public health policies. The most used English term for this dedication is advocacy, which could be translated as a presentation and discussion between professionals and institutional organizations of specific and priority topics with the purpose of influencing policies and the allocation of public resources for the improvement of population health , in the case of adolescents and young people.

The promotion of professional events and congresses, public health education campaigns and the publication of studies, research and documents are part of the current and global advocacy measures. To exchange knowledge, present research results, evaluate successful programs and their positive impacts, as well as the difficulties and main obstacles to the implementation of care services for adolescent and youth social groups, are unique opportunities for dedicate to this cause for health.

At the Society for Adolescent Health Medicine (SAHM) event held in Washington, USA, March 6-9, 2019, we had 273 presentations among posters, symposia, round tables, major updates and discussion of interest groups among more than 1200 professionals who serve or deal with adolescents. Among the participants of the event, more than 100 teachers and lecturers from 24 countries, on a myriad of complex topics: health equity and minorities, mental health, trauma, suicide, immigrant adolescents and refugees, LGBTQ +, HIV, HepC - HPV, vaccines, drugs, social media, eating disorders, pregnancy among so many others. Summary of the event and key presentations are available online at and also published online in the supplement vol 64, number 2S of JournalofAdolescentHealth

Here, in Brazil, we will have the 15th Adolescence Congress of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics that will take place from May 23 to 25, 2019, in São Paulo, with many presentations and national and Latin American conferences, including the participation of the Adolescence Committee of the Latin American Pediatric Association (ALAPE). For more information and to see the programming of the event, visit

Sharing knowledge and information, good practices, and professional experiences in adolescent health care serve as reflection and inspiration for everyone who often faces difficult times in implementing health and advocacy policies with a focus on preventing medical risks and promotion of the integral, interdisciplinary and intersectoral health of adolescents and young people. Each one doing his part, with ethics and professional responsibility. And so we go forward, with spirit and always together, for another year of work and sharing through our Adolescence & Health Magazine.

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